Shaolin Temple mobile phone mobile phone nternet domain name has been registered money king Watch

with the advent of the 3G era, mobile phone domain name.Mobi was given the same.Com,.Net, such as money scene". The reality is that Shaolin Temple, Jianye, Shuanghui, three, miss, Venus, oak, Xinyuan, Yangshao, Zhengzhou these people for having heard it many times name, its mobile phone domain have been registered. Contrary to "love" will be in full swing scene is registered business name, many enterprises in Henan that does not matter, "not much value".


Zhengzhou "Pavano" registered

Mr. Tan

Zhengzhou is the first batch of mobile phone domain name "Michong investment", Henan Synear food Limited by Share Ltd mobile phone domain was his bag.

in the second half of 2006, just open the phone domain name registration, when Mr. Tan felt very promising, especially after the popularity of 3G, mobile domain name will have a high value". Mr. Tan quickly began to sign up, including dozens of mobile phone domain name (, including.

so far, in order to register the phone domain name, Mr. Tan has spent a few thousand dollars, there is no mobile phone domain name shot. Mr. Tan said his dozens of mobile phone domain name investment is not much, as a long-term investment, where waiting for appreciation.


Many famous enterprises

mobile phone domain name was registered

recently, Chinese Internet Network Information Center released a report, as of the end of June, 28.9% of the Chinese users over the network in the past year the use of mobile phone, mobile phone users reached 73 million 50 thousand people. With the increase in the number of mobile Internet users and the advent of 3G, mobile domain name is also of concern.

yesterday, reporters from Zhengzhou to provide a mobile phone domain name registration services company, Henan local well-known enterprises, in addition to Yutong group of protection of their registered mobile phone domain, including Jianye, Shuanghui, almost all well-known enterprises in Henan ".Mobi" domain names have been registered.

In fact,

mobile phone, the domain name was registered has been extended to many fields. More typical is the Olympic torch "auspicious clouds" cybersquatting events, the Olympic torch "auspicious clouds" was born, the domain name that mobile phone has been registered, and selling online hot.

and netizens dubbed the cat than the.Mobi domain name, it is following the.Com,.Net,.Gov and other domain names, a major Internet users use the Internet when the use of the domain name.

provides domain name registration service on mobile phone Zhengzhou Jili science and technology limited company, reporters at the Henan enquiries dozens of well-known enterprises, found that the Jianye (jifunction (iterator) {var result= false; this.each (function (value, index) Prototype.K) (value, index)).

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