More and more confusing domain name suffix will destroy the nternet

heard.Tel domain name? This is a recent new open temporary new domain name suffix, the domain name is personal characteristics without creating any web page you can use the Internet to establish contact with the world, it can make the person or company information such as telephone, fax, address stored in this domain. Because it is not ", information can be quickly transmitted to the appropriate format to a variety of devices, especially mobile phones.

many people heard the news immediately after the applause, think it’s more convenient for our communication. Well, really good? I don’t think so, so, so I’ll go to register a, plus a, ha ha, the best again a, ha ha, I’m rich, it is worth of super popular domain names!! but there seems to be no pie. On the day, you want to want to others, and a lot of domain name dealer busy, I am afraid that these companies really cry, oh, have to spend the high recovery of domain name.

Lenovo to the previous emergence of an odd than a domain name suffix, it is not difficult to speculate that there will be a large number of more so that we can not touch the domain name suffix. The key now is the future I want to Baidu, which is the input domain? Or Or I think most people will choose Why would not choose,? This is First impressions are strongest mind ah, or this is the strength of the brand. So, say, there is no need to recover the Baidu Inc domain name, because even if you recovered, no one by the domain name to visit.

Wait until the

domain name suffix on the Internet when tens of thousands of, I think the most bitter is our ordinary users, not easy to remember the complex domain name ah, if want to go to the Baidu net something, but do not know the domain name suffix, it is the entire Internet is sad, again the famous network company, all day to send someone to see is not and the emergence of new suffixes.

I don’t know those American domain management institutions engaged in the domain name suffix so much of what is said, for the convenience of users, I do not think that this will only increase our burden, to finally hinder our Internet communication.

Some people say that

network security will destroy the entire Internet, I think the safety can prevent, it is more and more out of order, the domain name suffix will become a major cancer in network communication, no regulation, random and domain name suffixes, days after the accident must be.

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