EMC cooperation with Jingdong set up cloud platform and big data research and development projects

NetEase Francisco June 7th news, EMC today announced a strategic cooperation memorandum signed with Jingdong EMC mall, mall’s Jingdong think technology and carry out technical cooperation based on open source cloud platform, cloud business intelligence and big data analysis for common development.

it is understood, EMC will set up a joint research project with the Jingdong, EMC commercial Jingdong in evaluation of intelligent cloud cloud platform and open data platform using Pivotal technology to test and develop end user oriented solutions to the Jingdong big data environment analysis, EMC will put some cloud products in the Jingdong should be hosted on the cloud platform, to provide as the Saas and PaaS services to end users, in addition to the Jingdong will also open Cloud Foundry and EMC writing research project.

Pivotal is a cloud and big data application platform EMC and VMware components of the joint venture, EMC senior vice president, Greater China President Ye Chenghui said, EMC and China companies together to promote cloud computing and data transformation.

Ye Chenghui, EMC Chinese has become the largest base outside the United States, EMC in Chinese R & D team has more than 1600 people, the number of branches of more than 21, nearly five years of revenue in China grew nearly 5 times. The future will accelerate cloud landing, promote big data business, leading enterprise data center market.

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