Suning launched a fake self correction push platform shouwenzeren system


technology news January 30th morning news recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce from Taobao fake time continuous fermentation, Suning announced today, will launch the "Blue Shield" from now on, on the authentic licensed line, special self correction, to improve the quality of access platform commodity merchants; online shopping services Pathfinder industry norms, leveraging external professional resources, open the enterprise internal control process.

Su Ning said that all products and services sold through Suning platform, any problems arising from the first Su Ning is responsible, in accordance with state regulations to consumers to be paid in advance. Related to the problem of fakes, Suning will take the initiative to invite the national administrative departments and judicial intervention, the source of the responsibility of the manufacturer retrospective.

in addition, Suning will conduct a special review of merchants settled qualification, only to the original brand manufacturers, authorized dealers open special treatment period does not meet the above conditions will be under the frame of defective businesses repaying.

Suning will cooperate with the designated third party professional accreditation bodies and the original brand manufacturers to provide users with authentic identification services. To this end, Suning set up 10 million yuan product identification fund, the user can apply for a free appraisal service Suning, the audit fee can be obtained after verification.

Suning will recruit private inspectors for the management category, employ user related products professional knowledge, for Suning products sold daily checks to help Suning found problems with the product, perfect quality control procedures. (


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