Fight fake! Jingdong of many businesses issued Declaration Youpin

[Abstract] Jingdong also announced the establishment of 10 million yuan margin, in time for consumers to pay back the loan.


technology news (Le Tian) October 28th news, Tencent technology previously has exposed many home appliance business platform for known fake fake goods, selling events in continuous fermentation, the business enterprise is a campaign to combat fake things.

Jingdong today announced the signing of a joint undertaking with the suppliers and sellers, "to prevent counterfeiting, real let consumer feedback, full service" commitment, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Intertek group, the Jingdong also announced the establishment of the "10 million yuan deposit, avoid businesses to meet consumer demand and reasonable delay return, timely for refund.

as of the two quarter of this year, the number of Jingdong open platform sellers reached up to more than 700, category expanded to more than 38000. According to the general manager of the Jingdong open platform division Xin Lijun introduced, in order to enhance the Jingdong open platform for the sale of commodity quality and service level, including the Jingdong to take "strict business qualification, strict control of the purchase channels, irregular sampling, independent research and development of quality control system, encourage complaints and reports, to ensure free return" six quality control measures.

for the complete elimination of consumers to return the concerns of Jingdong to set up a special "10 million security" and promised:

(1) returned in the consumer to submit the application service single date, such as 48 hours of third party sellers did not give the audit opinion, the Jingdong platform will automatically default through the audit;

(2) consumers from a return of goods and upload the courier Waybill Information as the starting point, such as 10 days of the third party seller did not give opinions, the Jingdong platform will enable the first deposit refund consumers purchase price accordingly.

for another consumer generally concerned about the quality of goods testing, Jingdong also come up with specific measures. The conference site, Jingdong and the international authoritative testing organizations Intertek Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build business integrity and quality assurance system.

in October 17th this year, a number of commercial enterprises represented by Jingdong and the relevant leaders of Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Electronic Commerce Association and other government witness signed a "network of retail industry to strengthen product quality management self-discipline".

Jingdong also took the initiative to hand Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Corps, Jiading District Public Security Bureau, Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau, signed a memorandum of cooperation to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the establishment of the electricity supplier industry product quality guarantee mechanism of communication ", and in this year’s" double eleven "development" eliminate fake and genuine security "safe online shopping action the establishment of information, coordination, notification and release mechanism.

Jingdong Ye Blue Group Chief Marketing Officer, said: "the Jingdong holds absolute zero tolerance for fake attitude. We continue to strengthen the management, the implementation of more stringent anti-counterfeiting measures at the same time, also combined with more power.

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