Amazon does not earn money for 14 consecutive years, perhaps never earn money


I network operators in the world since 2000, the Internet giant Amazon’s annual revenues remain more than 20% growth, but have meager profits or even losses? To solve this puzzle, you need to figure out the Amazon is a what kind of company.

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in the earnings report released last week, Amazon is no accident and loss. Since 2000, the Internet giant electricity supplier revenues each year to maintain the growth rate of more than 20%, but it has been meager profits or simply loss?

wants to solve this puzzle, you need to find out what kind of company Amazon is.

go all the way to the Amazon

product structure from the point of view, Amazon has not been a simple B2C electricity supplier company. In addition to operating transnational business Amazon, it also provides cloud services to a large number of enterprises, to the ordinary consumer sales of electronic books, digital music, music streaming and video streaming services, it is also involved in the top box hardware: Kindle reader, Kindle Fire, Fire TV tablet machine, on the weekend Amazon also launched its own the intelligent mobile phone Fire phone. In addition, in order to improve the electricity supplier formats, it is also in the layout of mobile payments. What is less known is that Amazon also owns and operates websites such as IMDB.

it’s never a good company.

apple, Google, Microsoft are all its enemies. It as far as possible to reduce the price of suppliers to maintain the price competitiveness of electronic business platform. It and the next line of business customers, and the global multinational integrated, vertical electricity supplier competition online traffic. It tries to control operating costs, the news of the Amazon workers strike from time to time occupy the news page. It is destroying the traditional bookstore business, but also use the publishing platform to suppress publishers, and even spread to the middle of the author.

its cloud services erode the interests of traditional IT vendors such as IBM, but also to meet the challenges of the new and old forces. It is Dropbox such companies to provide cloud services at the same time, the company’s business in the coveted. In order to have the hardware that hosts its own services, it splits the Android.

in digital audio and video fields, and apple, the two Google mobile platform with strong position of ecological giant battle expansion content at the same time, in various segments of combat, YouTube/Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go, Pandora Barnes & Noble provocation.

in the field of hardware, and ASUS, Samsung and other mobile phone / tablet manufacturers competition, competition and Google, also like apple set-top box layout and Ruku such entrepreneurial companies, of course Fire TV game function also aim at Microsoft Xbox and SONY was PlayStation. Amazon layout mobile payment, no less

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