to where the music bee gezonglianheng into normal business

$66 million hunters gangster B2C red child maternal electricity supplier, once again in the department store industry introduced a strong partner. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the, VANCL and Le bee network have settled open platform, BELLE’s electricity supplier excellent shopping network commodities will also be launched in the near future. recently in the daily field of action will not only enable it to complete 1 million 500 thousand SKU in advance (goods category) target, also Suning electrical appliance "strategy in e-commerce. The industry believes that the electricity supplier giants continue gezonglianheng, will make the electricity supplier gradually differentiated interest.

Eric Le bee low-key settled

reporters yesterday browse web site to see related products, Eslite and LAFONT network has been quietly on the line. Reporter search "VANCL" appeared in menswear, women’s clothing, footwear and other 9 categories of 13240 in search results.

in the industry view, as the size of the first China network brand enterprises, VANCL teamed up with will help to complete the arduous task of category expansion. Data show that as of August, SKU is around 50 thousand, which is only 10 thousand stores. But before this, has said it will achieve 1 million 500 thousand SKU at the end of the year, almost equal to its main rival Jingdong mall.

optimistic about the department store high margin

signs that recently to accelerate the expansion of the category SKU are gathered in the department store clothing and household goods category etc.. From the beginning of last month announced the acquisition of red child, now to Lasafo and Eslite, excellent shopping network, the proportion of in baby clothes, beauty care and footwear goods increased significantly.

attention to the department store, from the high gross margin of the department store category on the important impact of profitability. Compared with the gross profit margin as low as a single digit or even negative 3C appliance products, the 30%-50% gross margin level of clothing, protective supplies, has become the focus of the electricity supplier open platform for competition. Electricity supplier analyst Lu Zhenwang more bluntly, department store is currently the largest business platform business opportunities.

in addition to profit, the expansion of the department store category Suning also has a more important significance, that is to reduce the proportion of household electrical appliances, showing its determination to enter the entire category of electricity supplier. Suning Appliance released earlier in the strategy for the next 10 years when he said that the future will be through and other brands of "electrical appliance", which involved in department stores, financial and other diversified fields of virtual service.

gezonglianheng will become the norm

at present, the market share of the largest electricity supplier companies have at least 8 open platform. Among them, with no annual fee free platform fee, free margin "three free policy to attract businesses showed striking ambitions. But in fact, this powerful marriage mode is not the first time. Previously, brewmaster network and Gome online mall (micro-blog) has settled, then.

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