Foxconn PK Wanda at the same time the difference in the transformation of the electricity supplier b

[Abstract] Wanda transformation is more like a channel change, and Foxconn’s transformation is more like a change from the ecological level.

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Foxconn and Wanda is quite two aggregious enterprises, in addition to the amount of industry influence, its head is extraordinary — Foxconn top global first generation factory of the title, about iPhone and other top products; Wanda Wang Jianlin is a frequent visitor to the mainland’s richest man list, ranging from commercial real estate to the cinema all lines, even an "with 15 million fans" son of Wang Sicong in social network. This year, Foxconn and Wanda two traditional industry heavyweights, will focus on the eyes of the electricity supplier industry.

as everyone knows, in the electricity industry and Jingdong Ali near monopoly majority share, but there is also a similar deep vertical segments of the A new force suddenly rises. Both Foxconn and Wanda Group, are sitting on cash flow and industry resources is huge, so the use of existing resources to open up the upstream and downstream into electricity supplier, transformation is very logical, but the two for the scene needs and ecological needs are not the same, so also resulted in the development of different directions, from the following four aspects we look behind Foxconn and Wanda transformation of the real intention.

1, core strategy PK

networking is Foxconn’s 3C professional digital business platform, the biggest bright spot is the main 3C digital home appliances category products, is somewhat similar to the early Jingdong, Foxconn hopes to use the advantages of industry chain, a complete closed loop ecosystem from the B2C of the final formation of a C2B; in the service and the resources, Foxconn Networking provides a considerable number of different from the traditional electricity providers play alone, even the first smart watch Festival Promotion activities.

of Wanda electricity supplier, its subject is "fifast net", jointly funded by Wanda, Baidu, Tencent, is the core of the re integration of Wanda Group under the line resources, to achieve online business and service integration, to create a "global" O2O open business platform". In addition, the platform is not based on the boundaries of the city, but Wanda Plaza as the radiation core, which is to maximize the use of Wanda Commercial real estate resources to expand.

despite the help of Baidu Tencent, but honestly, Wanda electricity supplier target of some are too ambitious, Wanda offline resources are obvious advantages, but don’t forget the commercial cinema and square does not exclude other O2O resources, in this sense, even the "son", where the network is not easy to fly a foothold Wanda in his territory, and rich networking is to cut the vertical category of special blessing service (described below), the route is relatively more clear.

2, service level PK

in the service sector, rich networking launched the "consumer value >

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