Wangfujing department store investment 100 million to enter the electricity supplier on-line operati

Beijing News (reporter Fan Xuguang) Wangfujing department store group said yesterday that it will invest 100 million yuan to build a large integrated shopping site, the realization of on-line operation.

yesterday, Wangfujing Department Store Group held 2012 Investment Promotion, group president Liu Bing introduced a large shopping website for young fashion shopping group, "will give the group the power to build, has entered the opening and purchasing stage, during the year to achieve on-line operations.

Wangfujing Department Store Group Chairman Zheng Wanhe said that e-commerce is a new development of the new format, the online shopping market has great potential. "With growth, growth, but the lack of rational, more impetuous." Zheng Wanhe said, Wangfujing department store determined not to fight price war.

Wangfujing department store group said, "will be 100 million yuan investment to build a large comprehensive shopping website for young fashion shopping group, collection of international famous brands, plans to complete the integration of resources in 3-5 years, finally realize the interaction of online and offline business.


scale of 100 million yuan of investment, which in the burn money can only be a small number of areas. In this regard, Zheng Wanhe said, "what can burn the short-term, but what time to burn a station, Wangfujing department store market changes, actively preparing for online shopping online, but the cautious attitude to start.

from Chinese commercial association data show that in 2011 the annual online shopping transactions reached 773 billion 560 million yuan, an increase of 67.8% compared to 2010, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales increased to 4.3%.

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