Tu Rong standard five key words help enterprise e-commerce

the first year will be held in 2011 and win the era of network to the general assembly and the second section of XiaMen Railway Station Gulang Kikunami retail network development strategy forum in Xiamen, the annual meeting in 2011 as the first network marketing and e-commerce event by the industry blitz. Conference from SEO, B2B, SNS, video, micro-blog, Email marketing and other aspects of the discussion.

following Amoy shoes network CEO painted glory speech record:

all the electric business friends good afternoon! I am Amoy shoes today, very honored to have this opportunity to share with you the third party as the platform to share our own experience, some of the above forum is very exciting, if there is no good place to also want to do more to communicate with you.

outline is divided into four main areas, the five key words, one is positioning, the group is the group of the second (Architecture), the election platform is the third, the construction of the warehouse, the fifth on the system.

The first is the core

strategy (positioning), according to the company’s current situation and future development of the strategic vision to determine the direction and stage of e-commerce, once determined the strategic position of an enterprise in electronic commerce, as a store or a new channel or a new market, this is the basic difference, determine the development prospect in electronic commerce, collar vision, budget, miles of internal resources to support the county level, the electricity supplier team expected direction problem.

second is the team, this is a very core, we established the Department of electronic commerce is how the division of labor, from the more traditional enterprises do better, is the electronic commerce department directly to the higher leadership, some companies do not succeed, because the program is too much, so that the whole structure is too complex is trouble. I suggest that the electronic commerce department reports directly to the top leadership is better. The more important point is the electronic commerce is a new thing, his performance, performance should be different with the traditional enterprise, traditional enterprise has its traditional operation mechanism, various departments have their own interests, e-commerce will touch many traditional performance.

third is the platform and channel selection. This is very important, we may say that in Taobao opened a shop on the completion of the layout of e-commerce, is not the case. Avoid relying too much on a platform, a lot of people set up brand 90% or even from the platform of Taobao, to complete the transaction must be low price but also the establishment of major efforts to the activities of the 100%. In addition to Taobao and many other e-commerce channels, like our integrated platform, such as Dangdang, Jingdong such platform, such as clothing such as Mcglaughlin has such vertical platform, such as shoes Amoy shoes network.

Why does

want to diversify its layout, because each platform has its own characteristics?. For example, the price of our products will be more than 10% of the price of Taobao on, but rarely meet customers because your price is more expensive than the other third party platform

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