Agricultural electricity supplier PK Jingdong and Ali who will be better

online a "Jingdong sent seed to the countryside" image and the industry attracted unlimited reverie on the Jingdong of agricultural business, and a few days ago we were still discussing the Jingdong, Ali and other electricity providers giant and whitewashing advertising, as if overnight, the Jingdong extends to the countryside against ali. "Build up the family fortunes by working, thrifty by Jingdong, want a good life, and quickly on Taobao", these creative wall advertising, as has the same boy or girl, daughter of later generations "and other classic wall publicity slogans, appeared in the grassroots township streets. It is said that over the past year the Jingdong in the more than and 100 towns brush 8000 wall advertising, has become the talk at leisure.

is out of rural areas in Beijing youth, often on the Internet giant to rural events, I am always very sensitive. Expensive Beijing let me always present themselves back to the village to enjoy the modern slow life scene, and because of the Internet, enjoy the modern slow life at the same time, do not need to completely out of work. However, in today’s China’s rural areas, although many of them have access to the Internet, but the logistics problem is still the biggest constraint of the rural life of the internet. Jingdong and Ali, who can take if they do agricultural electricity supplier to be mindful, then not only farmers agricultural income increased, but the city’s young people will travel more affection parcel to the home, the village people can enjoy more convenient and cheap authentic, it can be said that if this work into hell.

Jingdong Ali PK agricultural electricity supplier, will debut for the cold chain logistics

is the agricultural electricity supplier of many famous enterprises to the field, but also let many heroes bow down to the field, behind the bear bitter hardships, "vegetable base wound, dish you hurt people suffering forced farmers, in front of high cost and difficulty of the cold chain logistics system, the front is a single key shopping network" car. The cold chain system as a regulator of prices of agricultural products, mostly for the transportation of agricultural products must ensure the sanitation and temperature environment, transported to the logistics distribution center, receiving and storage must be strict and scientific, but also information traceability means checks, the chain appears to be simple, it is for Internet companies it is an important business model.

Ali layout in terms of logistics rookie, Beijing East is doing heavy pattern of logistics, in dealing with the cold chain logistics, Jingdong is much stronger than Ali, the Jingdong’s logistics system has begun to repair business, Jingdong in the integrated logistics system and front-end retail experience have more advantages. Ali through external cooperation to solve their own logistics short board, such as cooperation with Haier for some time ago, with the help of Haier’s logistics cold chain system to support the strategic layout of the cold chain logistics ali.

The eastern coastal city of some domestic

refrigeration system is complete, such as the Shandong Qixia Apple refrigeration system is very mature, and many are not easy to preserve the fruit, such as cherries, strawberry, litchi and other needs the whole process of the cold chain system is more sophisticated, so the cost is very high. Shenzhen lychee

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