Analysis of current situation and future development of Taobao rebate platform

The term

Taobao guest was born in January 12, 2009, called the Tao before that. Taobao customer refers to help Taobao promotion of goods and the seller in accordance with the effect of the commission or transaction website, now with Taobao customer maturity, mainly divided into two types, one is the Taobao rebate website, another is the traditional Taobao customers, namely the individual through the promotion of micro, QQ, Email and SNS platform the. First simple to help you understand the difference between these two different Taobao guest:

The difference between

and traditional Taobao Taobao rebate platform off the most simple is the Commission allocation, the traditional Taobao customers to get the Commission is not rebates to consumers, while Taobao will get a commission rebate platform in percentage will return to a site member, strictly speaking Taobao is Taobao customer rebate platform upgrade. In return, return now, rebates and other "stimulus" consumer, a "puerile" feeling.

can not return to the member, Taobao will never want to return to the guest member, why Taobao will be from the traditional Taobao customers become Taobao rebate platform? Amoy launched at the beginning, many Taobao customers in addition to the SNS platform to promote the link, as well as a large part of Taobao customers choose like Sina, NetEase, blog the bus and so on free blog platform for Taobao passenger link delivery, because the number of giant was once Sina, NetEase, etc. these free blog bus blog platform "blocked", perhaps this is a strange combination of circumstances a series of setbacks, let Taobao guest Yuecuoyueyong, from free blogging platform slowly by "force" on the road of the site, so Taobao rebate platform appeared.

The development of Taobao

platform rebates are not still hinder the prospect of Everything is going smoothly., constantly, about the present situation of Taobao rebate platform of my personal summary is as follows:

1, Baidu in the face of "blocking", Taobao rebate platform bumpy road.

search engine Baidu is undoubtedly the biggest flow many Taobao rebate platform source, Baidu blocked Taobao rebate platform already not what secret, Taobao rebate platform generated pages countless, Baidu called repeated garbage page, use Baidu search engine engineer’s words, the new page Baidu included every day there are about 30% Taobao rebate generation platform. "Obviously obstruct" Baidu let Taobao rebate platform bumpy road.

2, Taobao rebate platform gate low competition.

it’s easy to do a Taobao rebate platform, as long as the domain name registration, buy a space, can use the WordPress program can also upload a rebate website source code, application Yiqifa, multiplying, and grand alliance led grams promotion link can, so more and more long join Taobao rebate platform competition, which makes the the market competition becomes fierce.

3, Taobao rebate platform the gap between rich and poor, personal webmaster difficult to survive.

over the past two years, more and more medium-sized enterprises to join

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