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Jingdong business has had a tremendous impact on the traditional enterprises, more traditional companies have also entered the electricity supplier, however, in the vertical subdivision of the photography industry, is also facing a great change, or a kind of revolution. Recently, and you have a beautiful picture of the founder of a number of contacts, vaguely feel there should be a corresponding investment, but the founder is still in contact with the reply. In the process of chatting, to understand some of the information, in the form of questions and answers sorted out.

: what is the background of the platform?

answer: 10 years of photographic apparatus, contact too much to do photography and photography, do photography, mainly to open his own studio or studio to make a living; photography, is a hobby, keen to record people or things better. At the same time, but in the domestic photography forum or QQ group, everyone would love to shoot the works show and exchange, there are countless good movies, of course, also have a large number of technology has also thought and professional or amateur equipment.

There is a saying: "the

circle of photography of three generations of poor SLR ruined life", is that the main equipment update requires high costs, which we have absolute right to speak, so think of why can’t change this part of the photography technology into economic value, less is used to update the equipment, large family, this is the first is a relatively simple idea.

asked: what are the main business platform, competitors what?

: a platform temporarily covered portrait and commercial photography, portrait portrait, wedding dresses, including children, pregnant woman, family portrait; commercial photography contains some of the company’s product photography, for example, real estate, real estate advertising shoot my hotel recipes, Taobao and many other merchants shoot pictures of products.

is the most direct competitors, is now concentrated in the studio, like this.

Q: where is the highlight of the platform?

answer: your beautiful figure photography platform, is the concept of DIY, will be split into shooting photographers, makeup, clothing, later albums produced four plates, a large number of photographers, makeup integrated technology, it can be said that the photographer and the makeup of unlimited resources, consumer choice clothing also greatly; providers, album production providers in the form of goods show, each price is completely transparent, truly customized 100%, without any extra consumption.

asked: how to compete with the studio, studio


studio has precipitation for nearly 10 years, the operation mode can be said is very mature, but the studio to bear high costs of promotion, personnel, store decoration and other expenses, had to use a variety of binding, implied by the means of consumption, production plant water plus, consumers gradually lose confidence in the studio and photography; the studio size is limited, unable to do a promotion and publicity.

asked: if the studio copy >

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