Where does Amazon delivery drones land Look at the mat

NetEase Francisco December 1st message, according to foreign media reports, Amazon and other companies with the hypothesis to overcome the challenges faced by the UAV delivery, from regulators to battery life, but also a problem still exists: the UAV will be landing in


Amazon has hinted that it has found a viable solution, but the program put the blame on the customer.



last weekend, Amazon released a video on its website, a new prototype UAV landing on a square of the mat, cushion with the company logo, was placed in the courtyard of the customer. The drone took a package on the mat and then lifted off, and the customer took her parcel.

– this indicates that the UAV scans the pad to determine where to land, so that he will not land on a pond, a dog or a sloping roof. But the video also shows that Amazon delivery UAV landing need more space, and not just a small door Ping, it may even need a very spacious backyard, no trees, telephone lines or other obstacles.

and Amazon, according to the delivery of this UAV landing, Amazon needs this square cushion for distribution to customers — which could increase the cost of new – and rely on the customer promptly cushions placed in a safe and smooth place, in order to complete the delivery of the task. Some people who love to joke may try to put the mat on the roof of the car.

Amazon may use the so-called perception and avoidance technology to solve this dilemma, this technology will help the UAV through the airborne sensors and software automatically bypass certain objects. UAV manufacturers have spent years developing the technology to make their devices safer for the public. If regulators approve the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver, they are expected to require the use of this technology.

, according to informed sources, in the residential area of the city gathered, Amazon may have to rely on centralized landing site, similar to the Japanese convenience store chain locker 7-Eleven.

Amazon for its new prototype UAV production promotional video shows that the device can be found in the vicinity of a hot air balloon. This ability is thought to be relatively low, since the balloon is bulky and slow to move. The real challenge for UAV engineers is to develop a system that allows drones to detect wires and fast-moving birds.

has long been, Amazon hopes to use drones, within 30 minutes to send a small package to the hands of customers. The company said the UAV can avoid driving on the road trucks, etc., to ensure the timely delivery of important orders, and other delivery services can not make such a guarantee.

Although the Amazon


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