E-commerce model and innovation from the Amazon model

today I read an article: procurement problems behind soaring. Analysis of the hidden electricity supplier procurement channels problems behind the mask of Jingdong high growth, let them complain unbearable, even for the future lay a huge crisis. For example, the contradiction between the long tail procurement and inventory processing, grab the goods and the extension of the procurement of the hands of the arduous hand, etc. I saw from the Amazon model of China’s electricity supplier is still in a very primary level of development and sigh.

I hope that through the detailed description of the Amazon model so that we can really appreciate how Amazon is through technology innovation and business intelligence, how to subvert the traditional business model, and even become a generation of e-commerce model and no one legend, we lit on electronic business dreams and passion.1995 Amazon began the first book sold. By 2006 the service in 7 countries, 21 logistics has 9 million square feet of warehouse inspection.

The beginning of the most basic

Amazon and other B2C business platform, selling all kinds of products: a superb collection of beautiful things of beauty, clothing, jewelry, food, sports supplies, pet supplies, books, CDS, DVDS, computer and accessories, furniture, toys, gardening products, bedding and so on. But let Amazon become out of the ordinary. A giant was the huge product library, but it wholeheartedly to provide customers with a variety of customized service concept.

second if you browse the Amazon site, you will see not only discount products and special products, but also to see the use of recommended products, Amazon recommendation engine, silently recording and observing your every act and every move; and if you in your hard disk into a cookie, you will receive a lot of useful information: the last purchase proposal based on; and other buyers comments and instructions for use, greatly enhance the customer shopping experience.


Amazon website recommended sales


another major feature is the multi-level e-commerce strategy is to allow almost anyone on this site to sell any products. Both Amazon sells its own products, but also sales of third party products (including individuals, small and medium-sized companies and other retailers, such as Target and Toys R Us "). You can also see the second-hand products website sales of refurbished products and auction.


to carry out various services. Large retailers alliance allowed to shop in stores, such as Nordstrom, Land ‘s End and Target, purchase payment from the Amazon began, but the specific customer service delivery is to own the vertical web site. For small retailers, Amazon Marketplace fixed price sales products; Amazon zShops Amazon Auctions to sell second-hand products; products the auction, the highest bidder.


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