Who is more consumer saving in the era of shopping

With the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has gradually evolved from a fashion shopping to a trend shopping, which has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. The online shop for businesses who will save expenses, plus the network product promotion is convenient, the businessmen have enough investment to promote, the high cost of promotion students out of the Cui guide industry, every kind of the shopping network layer is poor, the first row of the shopping website simply provides the convenience of shopping for netizens, after the group purchase, free trial, seckill shopping network to provide consumers with promotional products, which have been known and accepted, now is to provide consumers with a convenient shopping and consumer rebate shopping guide mode also began quietly spread, this model is called the rebate shopping guide shopping network.

in real life rebate

rebate shopping network model is the same with many realistic shopping promotion mode, here we give two examples in real life let you more easily understand the rebate mode.

mall mall holding membership card: membership card to the mall can get discounts or rewards, and no membership card is at the same price to buy but no preferential form is the same.

agent: business through agents or buy products that you can get a certain percentage of commission agents, and in order to better serve customers, agents will often take the price based on the additional official to give some gifts to the customer feedback.

and the reality is different, the rebate network is to take the cash in the form of direct user feedback, such as through the rebate network promotion link into the online mall shopping mall, when you talk about a good business with the lowest price and the transaction, you can enjoy the most preferential prices in the business after it got from the extra cash back a certain percentage of the cash rebate, it is equivalent to their own province, this part of the rebate money, but in real life is rarely related to the cash rebate is a simple gift rebate.

new shopping guide model

Although the net and

rebate network group purchase is a promotion of businessmen means, but have different properties, group purchase net, net purchase seckill discounts are given to directly from the merchant, and the website itself is to provide consumers with a convenient platform, and no additional discount for the consumer, the rebate network network group purchase mode compared to more radical, bring preferential products to consumers at the same time, the Commission will also own most deserve return to consumers, so that consumers enjoy the businesses to provide the best products after extra from the shopping guide website to get a certain percentage of the cash rebate, consumers in online shopping it is convenient to save time and money, rebate network simple operation process and save mode, satisfy most users’ requirements.

The prospect of

rebate mode

in the pattern of the rebate although shopping network greatly squeezed profits, but this pattern is to create a win-win situation, for the business, "

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