Jingdong today start business 170 number of virtual operators at the end of the month


Jingdong today launched the business of virtual operators 170 number

on the end of the month

NetEase Francisco May 15th news, Jingdong’s communications Jingdong announced today officially launched mobile resale (virtual operators) business, Jingdong communication section 170 will make an appointment for sale in May 17th, May 28th officially on sale.

in the tariff, Jingdong unified national standard tariff: voice 0.15 yuan / min flow rate 0.15 yuan / trillion, SMS 0.1 yuan / bar, service charges 10 yuan / month, long distance, local, roaming tariffs, called free national calls, known as "no package, no contract, no cancellation".


has electricity supplier gene of virtual operators, Jingdong specially launched the "211 free communications privilege: from May 28, 2014 to December 31, 2014, where the Jingdong silver and more users, spending 2 yuan each in Jingdong, you can for your 170 number increased to 1 minutes of talk time and 1 MB of traffic per month get up to 500 minutes of talk time and 500 MB of traffic. This means that the number of users of Jingdong 170 monthly online shopping spending, but also to their own number, automatic recharge".

in addition, the Jingdong communication "free communications privileges" in 5, June also launched "network that gift" user incentive activities, where the Jingdong of diamonds, gold and silver medal membership network would send 500 minutes of talk time +500 MB traffic spree.

In addition to the

free communication privileges, Jingdong communications to the privilege experience linked to online shopping platform, plans to launch preferential shopping privileges program. As long as consumers buy Jingdong communications 170 numbers and associated Jingdong account, you can buy a variety of privilege on the Jingdong platform to buy goods. At the same time, the Jingdong 170 users will also enjoy the proprietary audience delivery of goods distribution concessions, special offers and exclusive shopping privileges. According to reports, the future of Jingdong section 170 of the privilege will be extended to music, e-books, social networking, games, cloud disk, O2O and financial services.

Yan Xiaobo, general manager of Jingdong

mobile resale business division, Jingdong 170 paragraph after the official sale, customer service hotline for the 10023400 customer service hotline is 4006710023. In addition, Jingdong will provide after-sales service through a number of channels online business hall, mobile client, Jingdong online customer service. (Chen Min)

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