Pinterest acquisition of two start-ups to transform electricity supplier force

Pinterest acquisition of two start-up companies

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on December 9th news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that the photo sharing website Pinterest announced Tuesday, in order to strengthen the image search function, enhanced image display effect, increase in market share of the electricity supplier, the acquisition of two start-ups — The Hunt and Pext.

Pinterest spokesman said the two acquisitions were the company launched the eighth cases and the merger of the ninth, but it declined to disclose the details of the above financial terms of the transaction.

community shopping service The Hunt

The Hunt which is a community based shopping service, which can be found on the social networking site Instagram, Tumblr or even Pinterest, help customers find products. Users can post a picture of the product they like, and then others will be able to publish a link to the site that can buy the product or similar product. Acquisition of The Hunt, may be of particular help to improve its Pinterest e-commerce market share, to promote the current valuation of $11 billion Pinterest continues to grow.

The Hunt currently has about four million registered users, which raised $15 million 500 thousand from Javelin Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, Ashton Kutcher and Tyra bank, etc..

The Hunt co-founder and CEO Tim · (Tim Weingarten) as well as a number of other product service team employees will join Pinterest. Wayne Garton will serve as the Pinterest business product manager, other employees will be added to the Pinterest project and data science team. The Hunt plans to close its service early next year.

image search application Pext

Pinterest acquisition of Pext, the purpose is to get the company’s talent. Pext co-founder · Gore and Kazakhstan; (Harsh Goel), former Google employees, specializing in image indexing and advertising technology. The current Pinterest needs to continue to improve its search technology, so that it is 100 million users to find the best holiday gifts, easy to send wedding bouquet for the new.

Gore will be the only employee to join the Pinterest Pext, which will join Pinterest’s advertising engineering team. Pext applications have recently been removed from apple and Google app store shelves. (compile / water)

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