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financial news Beijing time 21 days morning news recently, the latest survey conducted by Payoneer online payment companies: Chinese sellers in all online sales platform in the most trusted Amason, believe that compared to other platforms, Amason’s emphasis on product quality, and trading rules simple and fair.

is involved in the investigation of more than 800 electricity suppliers from mainland China and Hongkong, which is mainly electronic products, clothing, household goods manufacturers. 62% of sellers say they sell their products on amazon. In contrast, the proportion of sales on the Wish is only 42%, Alibaba global fast selling rule is 40%. Ebay, Lazada and Jingdong mall accounted for a smaller proportion.

although China’s economic growth is slowing, China’s electricity supplier industry is still booming. According to the China Bureau of statistics report shows that in 2015 China’s retail sales reached nearly $590 billion, an increase of 33% over 2014. At the same time, experts predict that China’s online sales will continue to grow by 35% this year, reaching a total of about 40% of the total retail sales.

a few years ago, it was difficult for sellers to sell their products worldwide. Today, the emergence of major online platforms and even small and medium-sized sellers can easily access to potential customers from around the world. But more opportunities also means more intense competition, about half of the sellers said the biggest challenge is facing increasing competition, driven by sellers use various sales platform to more customers.

Payoneer CEO Scott Galit pointed out that Chinese consumers have always been the pursuit of brand heat is declining, and now they pay more attention to the quality of the product. Galit also said that the success of Amazon and Alibaba in the world far-reaching, electricity providers in Africa, Latin America and other regions is still in its infancy, the future huge space for the rise. Wei Tianchen (New York) from


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