On the 10 reasons for the failure of Taobao


customer is now more fire, engaged in Taobao customers are also very much, but failed and successful people are all there will be, no matter what is done, this point I believe we still agree. But in the Taobao customers on the one hand, the failure of far more than the success of Taobao, engaged in passenger in Taobao know, we can see the guest page billboard ranked first, and a week’s income can exceed 200 thousand, that is what the concept, I believe that many people want to pursue the dream, but from the analysis of the situation in fact, Taobao customers really engaged in very few, also some Adsense will make most of the other, it should be said not to make money, but I also believe that a lot of people spent a lot of time in the Taobao customer, but it can’t earn money, or some people will say, my daily Taobao guest website click on a lot, but it has not been sold, what is it that all the confusion will make you lose your mind off in Taobao. Why do some passengers engaged in Taobao is very successful, most of them failed. Today, we are going to discuss, the causes of failure, success as well, we would not have said, many people say how successful in the online postings, in fact, a real success, Taobao customers who should not be inside the billboard home someone every day, how to write your own promotion, how to succeed. Maybe the people who write those articles have a list, but they still can’t get the real success. Failure is normal, no one at the beginning of the success, the most critical thing is that we have to learn from the experience of failure, and then slowly success, then I analyze, do 10 reasons for the failure of Taobao customers:

1, did not adhere to the good; many people just started when engaged in Taobao passengers were very excited and very passionate, but also to set their own goals and tasks, but for a period of time after, found that turnover is too little, not to see what effect, then spend more time little, slowly began to fail.

2, did not give a clear direction; many Taobao customers only know who to see how much money, how to make good, and did not give themselves a good position, because he is very confused in the promotion process, leading to failure.

3, did not pay attention to site PID; some people say why so high all day in their flow, but the turnover is very small, sometimes it is your website PID is modified, not their own PID, so, even if your traffic is high, it is impossible to have a hand in. So to develop a habit, every morning and evening to check their website PID.

4, I believe the website promotion software; I believe that this is very wrong, many people see what was sold online promotion software optimization software ah, ah, that can help you optimize the keywords to Baidu home what three weeks, or one day emails etc. the promotion software, actually I personally think that is false, why, because the optimization is a long-term accumulation, if you do not know how to optimize, then you can go to buy.

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