Tmall to rectify bird’s nest price actually doubled two times

news September 9th, Tmall platform nest category usher in a wave of price cuts, and one of the reasons is the price of Tmall on the bird’s nest category rectification.

bird’s nest category merchants price of Qi

"in order to continue to give each user to provide fresh quality bird’s nest…… We will make the price adjustment, the price of a single bottle coming in September 10th to 219 yuan." Recently, Tmall platform a bird’s nest businesses hang out notice of price increases in the shop, the price of this product is announced, the original price is 139 yuan, price increases of nearly 60%.


is not the only one of the bird’s nest shop price. Multiple news sources confirmed to billion state power network, from the beginning of September, Tmall’s platform category has set off a wave of price surge, and the price is not small.


(a bird’s nest shop hanging out prices prompt)

up to now, including Xiaoxian stew, Ai Shangyan such as the bird’s nest shops are clear announcement said it would raise prices, which, Ai Shangyan made it clear that the price is expected to rise 17%.

more businesses choose quietly raise prices. Billion state power network random check a number of bird’s nest shop Tmall historical price discovery, price trend is very obvious. On a bird’s nest brand as an example, its four flagship stores have dried bird’s nest price increases, price increases ranging from 14% to 25%, the most exaggerated is a white bird’s nest nest Cup before September, the price has been maintained at around 128 yuan, in September suddenly rose to 468 yuan, the price increases reached 266%.


(online shopping website "shopping party" price monitoring data show: a bird’s nest at the price from 128 yuan to 468 yuan)

The price of Tmall

tracing origin of bird’s nest?The reason about the bird’s nest have increased

, billion state power network consulted a number of bird’s nest industry businesses, a common cause of the mentioned is the recently released Tmall Tmall "industry standard" in dried bird’s nest, bird’s nest business threshold value, cost increase, eventually lead to higher prices.

It is reported that Tmall

, public notice of the "bird’s nest industry standard" dry Tmall in August 18th of this year, and came into effect in September 5th. The industry standard explicitly requires all businesses to provide dry bird’s nest bird’s nest traceability code (each nest posted a traceability code, namely "light codes") and the import declaration, which is the important cause of the bird’s nest industry price.

called the "bird’s nest traceability code, is used for the bird’s nest industry traceability code label. The "red 2011 incident, China banned the import of overseas products all of the bird’s nest. Then gradually restricted to restore the trade and exports to the bird’s nest, bird’s nest China need to pass through China inspection and quarantine inspection, inspection of the bird’s nest traceability label must be affixed Chinese inspection department issued by the hospital. Traceability information includes but not only

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