The United States network at Chinese Messi department store consumer online sellers

                US retailers eyeing China’s Internet consumption. The day before, the U.S. Department Stores carrier Messi Department Store Group announced that Messi’s department store chain (Macy ‘s) and Blumin Dyer (Bloomingdale’ s) to the chain corporation in 91 countries worldwide open online shopping delivery service, including Chinese. This means that China customers as long as the click of a mouse, you can buy Messi department through the network products.

America a hundred years old Chinese online sellers

has a hundred years of history Messi department store, is the famous department store chain corporation. Although the department store did not open stores in China, but Messi’s online store has opened its arms to Chinese consumers.

yesterday, the reporter login Messi department store shopping ", immediately jump out of" welcomeinternationalshoppers "(welcome international shoppers)". Here, even if you are in Shenzhen, you can buy most of the goods on the Messi department store, including clothing, bags, footwear, jewelry, household items, etc.. Reporters also noted that some goods can not be online shopping, such as cosmetics, perfume, furniture, mattresses, small appliances, etc.. According to reports, the main reason is the definition of the law of the country and make according to the actual situation, such as different voltage Chinese and America, Chinese use 220 volts, the voltage is 110 volts, so the small appliances to China is not practical.

if I get the right promotion, I’ll try." Ms. Wang graduated from the Duke University, Messi department store fans, almost all of the clothes are purchased in the department store in the Messi. "10 yuan of money can often find a dress." Ms. Wang of this century old big promotion impressive. After returning to Shenzhen last year, Ms. Wang in Shenzhen shopping malls to turn around and found clothes you can not afford to buy. "A more domestic brand dress, the price of 2000 yuan, while in the United States $more than and 100 can buy a BCBG dress." Ms. Wang told reporters, after the first time she opened the Internet to browse Messi, found that if you buy a large number of discounted goods, even if the freight is also more cost-effective. Of course, in view of Chinese manufacturing all over the world, do not rule out all the way back to buy Chinese manufacturing." Ms. Wang said with a smile.

international freight is not cheap

reporter noted that in Messi’s website, a lot of convenience for consumers to fully demonstrate the details. For example, consumers see the price on the site will automatically be converted into RMB, and freight and tariffs will be clearly marked, consumers only need to pay a one-time, no hidden charges. It is understood that Messi’s Department of international shipping services blatantly, but not as some shopping sites have international freight and customs of the recessive >

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