A China county national electricity supplier experiment young start-up companies fought electricity

Abstract: before the current electricity supplier park in Xinyi is disabled or abandoned factories, the government put these unused land to use up. Not only that, the city government has started the relocation of polluting enterprises, such as environmental pollution. Several chemical factories in the city while Xinyi has been a major source of revenue, but it is almost Voices of discontent.


titanium media note: in recent years, the upsurge of e-commerce Industrial Park has never cooled, this article refers to the city of Xinyi, is a county-level city in Northern Jiangsu, the development is lagging behind. However, the construction has been completed and put into 5 electricity supplier park, is the first step to follow the pace of the times.

municipal government has arranged 10 million yuan of financial funds per year for the development and support of the development of electricity providers in Xinyi. Many individuals and businesses from the Xinyi government special funds 10 million yuan and more electricity supplier park, smell the new opportunity is coming, more and more local people to return home to join the field to the electricity supplier tide. This field in North Jiangsu county on the national electricity supplier movement success temporarily unknown, see the specific contents of the depth reported titanium media reporters:

we have built and put into use in Xinyi has 5 electricity supplier park, with a total construction area of over 550 thousand square meters. Our city has two large scale electricity supplier enterprises, turnover of more than 100 million yuan." Xinyi, deputy director of the city of Jiangsu in charge of electricity supplier Zhang Xubo told this business value.

Zhang Xubo said, e-commerce Industrial Park mainly located 30 thousand square meters of industrial and commercial enterprises and business incubator entrepreneurial base; express logistics park construction sorting center more than 320 thousand square meters, good basic services for the electricity supplier; beauty industry park with a total area of over 100 thousand square meters, aims to build the country’s only professional beauty products sales in the construction of the platform; 50 thousand square meters of leather industrial park, hoping to expand the original industry as the basis, the occupation of the local fur influence in the market; 50 thousand square meters of commercial logistics park, is also in preparation for solving the electric storage problem for business enterprise.

Xinyi is a county-level city in northern Jiangsu, Su Lu is located at the junction of the two provinces, has jurisdiction over 13 towns, 4 Street, a development zone, a total area of 1616 square kilometers, the total population of 1 million 96 thousand and 600. This is a typical agricultural county in Northern Jiangsu Province, the county is the main contribution of GDP in the county of several chemical enterprises, the local people have complained for years of these chemical enterprises.

B2C, "whether it is B2B, O2O, O2C or B2B2C, to our Xinyi City, or two of the most fundamental of these modes, one is to promote the heritage of enterprise transformation, another is the local agricultural products sold through the Internet, the rural electricity supplier up. Promote social fairness and justice, so that people complain less."

said the man called Huang Yongfeng, is the main electricity supplier in Jiangsu, Xinyi

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