Shop No. 1 near the expansion of Baidu category Jingdong Suning challenge

investor news reporter Wen Jie

March 20th, shop No. 1 and Baidu announced a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement said that in 2013 the two sides will be in the sharing of resources, big data applications, advertising, e-commerce, wireless marketing model innovation and other aspects of the depth of cooperation, will also cooperate in the Baidu know the product system, pictures, etc., Post Bar mobile end user platform.

is different from the previous model of pure advertising, shop No. 1 cooperation with Baidu will be through the development of joint goals, open resources and top-down cooperation.

Yu Gang, chairman of

shop, said in 2012 1 store sales increased by 2.5 times, the proportion of non Shanghai regional market sales doubled in 2012, wireless business grew more than 26 times. Baidu’s new advertising model is also more suitable for cooperation between the two sides.

according to Baidu vice president Wang Zhan introduced the electricity supplier website in Baidu’s advertising will be based on the old model by the keyword to the "Diamond Model" means of cooperation, from the management to the execution layer to achieve docking. Before the 1st shop, cleaning and China Ping An has been testing the waters in advance of similar cooperation.

cooperation with each other demands

"the country’s first imported food brands list is the performance of the data package together, the information through Baidu search data mining, you can give a very good reference." In an interview after the meeting, when asked, Baidu and shop No. 1 on how to cooperate in data mining, Wang Zhan explained.

imported food, for example, in the global brand, in the end what kind of brand to introduce to Chinese consumers, which involves brand awareness, consumer awareness and evaluation of the forum, etc.. This information, for the 1st Shop expansion category help.

"our joint development plan, we will understand the needs of shop 1, from our database to get this information to help them." Wang Zhan said.

obviously, to guide the results of this demand with one store just beat. This year, the first shop is perhaps the most important category of expansion. Category expansion, geographical expansion, service expansion are several important directions. Expansion from the category of the general plan is to expand three times a year. Fresh and imported food, is the fastest growing category." Chairman Yu Gang said.

"the depth of cooperation is the premise of certain data sharing, the 1st shop’s announcement is the key category expansion, Baidu can provide a popular search term data with Taobao regularly releases 200 thousand top words, can also be used as a store category exaggerated guide data." Electricity supplier Wang Wenbin on the investor news reporter, said: & quot; feedback through the sale of the 1st shop, Baidu shopping guide words will be more accurate."

is not only the impulse to expand the category, on the other hand, the 1st shop also has its own internal needs. Just at the meeting, said the Beijing market last year turned 1>

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