A shop with a combination of physical stores in the new model of rural online shopping experience

shop purpose:

now with the rapid development of the network, the number of Internet users in China is increasing exponentially, e-commerce will grow up more and more by the vast number of merchants and users attention, however, although the number of Internet users, online shopping and online merchants base are increasing, but the main crowd of online shopping is still concentrated in the city, of course including the city development of rural people, the majority of people living in rural areas can not enjoy its convenience.

because I am a rural people, I think that e-commerce can bring great convenience to our rural people, but more importantly, I think the rural people can no longer give people the impression of backwardness. We live in rural people can like city dwellers, to lead a life of city people, as the Internet connection with people all over the country, as the Internet shopping, can through the network to pay utilities, mobile phone calls, what problems can come to learn more about the solution through the network, and can’t believe that the opening is ignorant of the network can only play games online.

I am very confident and believe that the network can greatly accelerate the development of rural areas, but also pollution-free green development.

cause analysis:

1 in the rural areas, most people feel the need to make money, get it out of town, so the cultivation of rural students are generally working in the city, however, many people can only make money the city town flower, really can not get more money home, so now the social situation is this: the city as long as people keep their house, that he can be a lifetime do not work can be a good life, and to work in town? Working so hard every day, to the last remaining little money, but if they go back to the farm, who are not willing to, also can not be reconciled.

2, and now more and more college students, we all crowded in the city each other bad competition, leading enterprises are now in the price of cabbage in the recruit college students, and even if it is cheap labor, there are still a large number of college students can not find work, although there are now many college students have to open a shop, but for ordinary graduates are not what relationship, simply can not find the source, the network price is more transparent, so even if the shop opened, it is difficult to have with other sources of advantage business competition in the shop, so there are a lot of abandoned.

3, although there are a small number of students go home, but the occupation of the total people feel University white read, so, really will return to the rural entrepreneurship of college students is very few, except those of a background of a relationship, however, if a large number of students to the industry, it will certainly be greatly to accelerate the development of our country.

and the online shopping experience store just can solve these problems, people can help us get more rural simple high quality and inexpensive goods, but also can teach people who want to learn more in the rural areas to operate a computer, understanding the role of the network, and we have learned the East "

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