Online shopping mosquito focus on electronic transactions in the professional assessment division

is a quarter of the electricity supplier. November Internet e-commerce businesses have ushered in their holiday".

in the online business with a brand of shoe of Zhang Chao is very busy. On the one hand, he is busy filling the stock, serving the consumer; on the other hand, he must remain vigilant against possible attacks from anywhere.

Zhang Chao’s concern is justified. Business season, businesses and consumers may not only be good times, there is a special group — are opportunistic out to "Predators" look at fiercely as a tiger does the occupation bad teacher. Last year’s double 11, Zhang Chao suffered a group of extortion, the loss of more than 40 thousand yuan.

bad teacher makes a lot of electronic business platform enterprise is impossible to guard against, escalating tracing mechanism, maintenance platform business interests by means of technology, hoping to prevent malicious bad behavior. A tug of war continues.

– the Nanfang Daily reporter trainee reporter Yao Chong Rong soar

poor rating Legion around meat

not long ago, Wang Fan finally became the "leader", he led a gang of "occupation bad teacher". More than a year ago, he came across the industry". Students pull me to try to say that they can make money, but also to say ‘professional bad judge’ is a new ‘industry’".

introduction first apprentice". Pay 80 yuan membership fee, Wang Fan joined a small team, a "senior" to guide the new.

"should pay attention to concealed identity, such as Alipay, do not use your own name binding on the bank card and the action used to act with Alipay Alipay account recharge remittance."

in the internal division, the attack was called "eat meat". Just training for two or three days, Wang Fan on the road to eat meat. Wang Fan on the road every day to give a certain amount of poor rating, and these are the organization of the arrangements.

Wang Fan, poor teacher team, is responsible for the army combat, some bad, some people take the goods, some people responsible for the negotiations, a clear division of labor, the level of clear, novice effort may become a leader, after gradually upward promotion.

on top of Wang Fan, as well as high-level "leadership", "leadership" of the team every single "business" enjoys "Royalty", and is often the whole team, the technical backbone, led the team to attack the predator".

as a bad teacher’s prey, many shop owners are entangled in this group feel headache.

Yin day is a well-known electronic business platform brand sports shoes, shoe store owner, he has a poor teacher by occupation harassment.

"my shop just opened soon, there is a customer store took a pair of children’s shoes, and then I shipped, but he obviously did not receive the goods, but gave a ‘fake, poor quality’ evaluation."


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