Old domain name two domain name than the new domain name has the advantage

old domain two domain name has the advantage compared to the new domain name? There are many personal webmaster, specially registered others give up the old domain name to do stand, they think that even the old domain two domain names, compared to the new domain to have the advantage. Is this view absolutely correct my opinion is:

1, the old domain name will certainly have advantages over the newly registered domain name.

2, the old domain name of the two domain name than the new domain name has the advantage of the problem to look at:

if the old domain name of the current weight is very high, such as those big web site domain name, such as **.baidu.com weight is certainly much higher than the new domain name.

general old domain name (such as only 2 years, PR in about 3, the domain name of less than two of the 5), will be better than the new domain name: including the speed, the original ranking, but there will be no significant advantage.

3, the use of the old domain name also has a lot of risks: for example, you register the old domain name has been punished by the search engine domain name.

4, people summed up several conditions using the old domain: the domain name has certain external links; the domain name of the external links established for some time; the domain name has a specific meaning, and easy to remember; if the old domain cannot satisfy these conditions, the use of new domain name.

5, registered the old domain as we usually buy second-hand goods, perhaps perhaps zhaochou jianlou.

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