CNZZ data publishing group purchase mode getting better

group purchase mode while in China only just a year’s time, the threshold is too low and profits has led to the rapid growth of the industry and vicious competition, resulting in a series of problems such as integrity, exclusion of other traditional B2C industry and the pressure of the whole logistics industry, which not only reduces the overall integrity of the group purchase industry and even caused a lot of electronic commerce industry of Chinese group purchase mode or will the rapid prediction of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum "shuffle", seems to be the group purchase website is about to face the trend of group purchase mode in Chinese what way, analyze the independent third party data of domestic well-known statistical analysis CNZZ service provider in the industry the development of the situation.

According to the

tracking and analysis of the CNZZ Data Center for a long time that the group purchase website, the fourth quarter of 2010 the number of group purchase industry growth is still significantly higher than that of other industry websites, but already there is no longer the first quarter of this year growth momentum. On the one hand is due to the increase in the base of the entire industry site, on the other hand is eliminated after the number of sites is also growing.

According to

CNZZ data center statistics, from October 2010 to December, the average monthly increments of group purchase website about 80%, much lower than at the beginning of March 700% the average monthly increment trend, pageviews monthly increment is about 250%, and this figure is about 800% at the beginning of April. CNZZ data center data show that the group purchase website has been the rapid expansion of the stage, the user also gradually from the blind pursuit of price "cheap" transfer to the service quality and product quality, the benign development of the entire industry to play a promoting role.

in addition, group purchase mode has been recognized in the China, among which female white-collar users mostly, but the other consumption level and age are still wait-and-see attitude, which is why group purchase website mostly concentrated in the first-tier cities, but from the overall development of the industry trend, group purchase industry still has great development potential and space in china.

first, the two or three tier cities in the overall number of sites to buy less than half of the share, while the first tier cities are too fierce competition. According to CNZZ statistics, a single site to provide services to buy the site accounted for more than 60% of all buy site in Beijing. Although the overall number of group purchase website on the rise, but closed down due to poor management and the fierce competition of the group purchase website also increased, with the two or three line of the city commercial center construction and consumption levels continue to rise, the future is bound to expand down group purchase.

second, group purchase behavior and pursue careers are mostly concentrated in first-tier cities commercial center, mostly tend towards product group purchase, the user evaluation of the products is slightly lower than that of group purchase group purchase service, so the service and the combination of group purchase is the future trend of the overall trend of group purchase business.

again, the user group management mode for group purchase website rote of Groupon, is relatively simple, but with the development of mobile Internet, advertisers will gradually pay attention to group purchase website, this will be for the network group purchase.

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