The advantage of low-cost policy constraints or by the United States two times and an moat

original title: low-cost advantage or limited by the policy

from the "thousand group war" from transition to the electricity supplier beauty and the United States IPO,’s success can copy again in the rush to cross-border electricity? Here in the same brutal fighting and repeated group purchase: competitor variety, policy uncertainty, and the brand’s subtle relationship, let the business sample face the new severe test.

transformation of cross-border electricity supplier can not be

five years ago, is not the name, call the U.S. group. By means of group purchase flash purchase mode + deus ex, has turned to the beauty of B2C, in the four years after the establishment of the United States IPO, now known as the cross-border electricity supplier followers.

data show that last year, the mainland China Sea Amoy family breakthrough 20 million people, with annual sales of over $1 trillion, the Ministry of Commerce predicted that next year China’s cross-border electricity supplier market size will reach 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan. In this context, became followers of cross-border business is not difficult to understand.

CEO Chen Ou in the internal mail in this transformation is called a "re start after the listing". To this end, has been a high-profile cross-border action posted for their own label, the speed of duty-free shops and maternal sale is the embodiment of cross-border business products, is also in recent years the most mentioned business executives in public and micro-blog also made its cross-border business cry cries, Chen Ou said to subsidies 1 billion yuan to dominate the sea.

in fact, "from’s own business, which he had to make the choice," Analysys International analyst Wang Xiaoxing said,’s main business is the beauty, but also has full realization of self, in China, cosmetics and overseas markets have a natural compatibility, which makes him have no choice.

"I’m not fawning, imagine if platform is full of domestic cosmetics, dishes must do so, this is the special nature of the domestic market decision" industry is judged.

however, commercial sensitivity is not just a, Alibaba, Jingdong, Amazon, Suning, Dangdang and other electricity providers all giants have in Paibingbuzhen, NetEase CEO Ding Lei and more recently with its koala sea purchase team personally went to Korea to discuss cross-border cooperation, the overseas venture Street Wharf, honey companies in this field Denver’s speed and strength can not be underestimated, compared to the low threshold of the group purchase war, cross-border electricity supplier industry competition significantly higher level.

"even if has successfully achieved the first transition, there is no guarantee that it can play cross-border business success", Wang Xiaoxing admits that this is not a simple copy and paste.

low price advantage or limited by policy

cross-border electricity supplier at half price competitive advantage may be weakened, the dividend policy may change.

it is understood that the current cross-border electricity supplier mainly to take bonded import mode, >

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