Small happy farm network promotion methods

I learn shallow, writing is not very good, I hope the master, the old comrades who are more considerate. Recently engaged in a SNS dating community has been busy with other things, there is not much thought on this site. Recent free time. On how to take into account the promotion of the SNS community. There are now 30 users on the site. Oh. Look at these friends. Think this site is still quite happy to do.

can know more friends, may also find a daughter-in-law to go home: (Note: so far single, interested please contact me.) has not been too much time here, so members are through GG. In GG search kaixinnongchang the first is my website. But if the Chinese can not be. Quite depressed.

used to do stand, mainly to do Baidu traffic. Baidu is feeling chased. You can’t offend him, ha ha. Now do this station also hope to be able to flow from Baidu. Or stand up.

now it’s about how I’m going to promote the happy farm. In fact, your promotion is tired everywhere, everywhere stick. Should belong to the human type.

1, to the major forums, the popularity of the high place to publish web site. Write some attractive advertising words, for example, wow ~ ~ ~ ~ Happy Farm official station found ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ go and see. Oh. Such words. Some people will still have. Because I m is complete. It should be easy to remember. Forums like MOP. PCPOC and so on where the traffic is large. Do stand is a little hard. Who says we don’t have any money?. Ha-ha。

2, the same type of site promotion. For example, to register happy network. There are some other SNS sites. Send url. The contents of the above can be. SNS class site popularity is good. Would rather kill ten thousand can not miss a user error.

3, write more soft, do a lot of speculation, this is not a good way to lose. SNS to the main flow or how to let more people know. Hype is a good way.

4, through a friend’s word of mouth publicity. A lot of chat with friends on the site. Ask them to invite their friends to join the big family. Pull one. This popularity will immediately come up.

5, highlighting the theme of the site. Rice is happy farm, we must let the user came to know that this station is dedicated to play happy farm this game. Let them know what is the purpose of this station. Fun will naturally think of calling their friends to play together.

6, there is a lot of friendship connection. The name is called happy farm, this should belong to the content of SEO. I don’t understand. General webmaster will add some high quality friendship connection. Friendship don’t P>

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