Learn to do with Okamoto sexy marketing

why do you learn so many of you still do dry cargo, marketing is not good? The problem lies in the so-called "dry cargo". Today we wish from the "dry cargo". The word "dry cargo" is the product of the development of Internet, some operational skills, drainage collection, design idea, operation strategy can be called dry cargo. However, a lot of time to find a platform for some content can be released, the Internet is different from newspapers, magazines and other traditional media, the lower the threshold of audit. The "dry cargo without doing a lot of water situation".

see here you have to ask, what dry cargo want to see it? The answer is: dry cargo is to look at, but it is not a panacea.

"do not take a set of 60% men and women do not want to take a set of" see this slogan, I believe you will know that this is a mobile advertising. Afraid to get angry, drink Wanglaoji "and" my first sales ", the naked advertising consumers have already produced relatively immune," naked "to advertise the better approach is to" sexy "marketing. Sexy marketing, literally means: Sexy marketing. If your brand is only a naked show to consumers, how naked you, consumers will soon forget you. Might as well do "sexy" some, let others remember you, want to get you.

sexy marketing is not a copywriter with gender promotion, so that people can only shrug it off, pull down your brand grades. Sexy marketing is to imagine your marketing program into a person, with your sexy to attract the opposite sex!

so what are we going to do,


1 find a platform to show your sexy:

first of all, you have to be like a Marilyn · Monroe in a public display of your sexy, here I recommend micro-blog, rather than the WeChat public number. Micro-blog is not so much a "hot news", "gossip media" as a theater, constantly staged a new story, and we are both actors (forwarding, comments), but also the audience. If on the stage in the theater did not plot any conflict of words, we not only these actors will feel touched, the audience may also be covered halfway. Therefore, the conflict is micro-blog’s greatest charm, but also the prosperity of micro-blog’s secret. This is the root cause of micro-blog far better than WeChat. It can be said that the conflict created micro-blog.

this also explains why, often there when hot events outbreak, micro-blog will general opinion on the mountains and seas are whistling broke out, the secret lies in the "conflict" two words. Only conflict, in order to attract the attention of everyone, only to arouse the enthusiasm of everyone involved in the controversy, but also only to continue to cause conflict to wake up the silent zombie powder.

finished the micro-blog, here also have to say about WeChat, why we will be tired of WeChat, escape from WeChat? I think the essence of WeChat’s closed environment is not the conflict. Micro-blog is an open theater, and WeChat is a closed courtyard. In this courtyard full of

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