Talk about the Product placement that should not be overlooked in the TV movie

Product placement, brand symbol refers to the audio-visual products and service representative into a way of advertising film or stage works, in the film and television drama, games deliberately insert business products or services, in order to achieve the subtle propaganda effect, to the audience left a good impression, achieve the purpose of marketing.

We watch TV from

only a short while ago, saw the ad became a headache, relish the appreciation of advertising, and even find the content in the implant.


Yuan Ziqian vice president of Thai Culture said: "good quality products and entertainment content are real advertising, therefore, marketing must stand in the individual consumers to think in terms of content, no intimacy entertainment content construction, there is no brand alive."

Product placement performance space is very broad, in television dramas and entertainment programs can be found in many suitable implants and implant, implant advertising are common: commodity, logo, VI, CI, packaging, brand name and mascot etc..

drug for implantation of modern drama, the audience has been flattering, the effect of implantation is slowly weakening, but if the drug is inconsistent with the age into costume, is likely to become one of the highlights of the issue ".

For example,

before the hit "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi", some called "God" ads by netizens crazy Tucao, in the "58 city", there is a spread for hundreds of years old enterprise, and they were originally started to escort.

of course, and before the "Ode to joy", in addition to the five beauty outside, must not forget the "". No matter the elite Fan Shengmei, Guan Juer, newcomer Qiu Yingying, their lack of clothes will think of "


advertising than traditional advertising but is more acceptable than the other, soft came directly, so what are the advantages of it?

1 visibility. Prior to the formation of any brand, we must first create its visibility, so that it into the public eye, and then it is possible to make the audience understand, love and brand consumption.

2 loyalty. The results show that the effect of 2/3 is to improve brand loyalty. A lot of people on TV to see a certain brand, will be in the bottom of my heart to generate trust, thereby bringing a certain degree of loyalty.

in the film and television works, the placement of advertising with the development of the story will be gradually implanted into the brand’s brand personality or lifestyle, which will have a demonstration effect on the audience.

when people smile naturally think of the brand impression of the product and brand in the imperceptibly, then to achieve the purpose of marketing products, to avoid the physical implant blunt sense. More implant style and movie style fit perfectly. >

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