A forum for the promotion of business

forum to promote the management of the article too much, many senior expert have talked a lot of valuable experience, such as: even, soft, content and so on, I benefited from

, thanks!

a year, I have run three forums, personal preference forum, garbage station really can not afford to raise interest. The first forum failed because I didn’t know it at all. Second forum last month to the price of $1800, IP only 1200/ days Oh, but it is the most worthless Entertainment Forum, but it is someone wants, and so far, buyers are satisfied. Here, I simply point the way, the Forum on trade, and not directly linked to the life flow, forum and activity can also be considered. I have only sold this forum, but I found that there are transactions in the circle, open the trumpet to find today, tomorrow to take the trumpet to find, the purpose is a: price. This is when you need to calm down, good stuff will have to have a certain opinion, to have their own understanding of the hands of the goods, do not be their "picky" argument.

well, I talk about the offbeat way, Forum promotion rookie views, please exhibitions!

attaches importance to the power of QQ.

1, forum set up QQ exchange group. This in my second business forum when help. In fact, a small forum, there are 20-30 individuals often online, other flow, it has become a bit popular. Don’t be so ambitious, should actively take the initiative to fight for every member, even spend much time. Sincere, not to flatter and fawning, but as a friend to equal communication. I set up a communication group, only about 30 of the number of active, very active on the one to one, but the entire forum and therefore maintain the number of long-term online more than 20 people, greatly retains the popularity.

2, the initiative to contact QQ group. Now I do this forum, is based on the theme of Jay Chou star fans forum (www.jay-bbs.com), so I look at the JAY fans. On the first day, I joined 5 groups, abide by the rules, and actively participate in the discussion. At the same time with the main group, hope to establish cooperative relations. Most of the group immediately agreed, and the technician in the group of announcement. I just need to publish the group number in the forum, and open a two level layout. Of course, I also invited him to come when the moderator, almost shoot two hawks with one arrow. I do not stay at this level, according to the actual situation, I immediately found the busiest and most with the group, they become the main forum group, they certainly would, then homeopathy has established Alliance group system in the whole forum, all joined the group unified name change, beginning with jay-bbs.com|. This ensures that group members can easily remember the forum address and access.

3, help the alliance group is to help yourself. After the alliance, I vigorously organize the group activities. >

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