On how to take the difference and fine network marketing


years were removed from the Internet as a webmaster, often hear the new owners complain that their website ranking is poor, some people suspected of Baidu no longer included new sites, not to give new opportunities for growth and development in this regard, I personally think that a website is worthwhile depends entirely on the user reputation and user experience, search engine just a part of the user experience, as a webmaster should focus on the user experience after a part of today, and I want to share with you how the difference and refinement of good network marketing.

first, planning the differentiation and refinement of the site positioning.


website has been developed at present in all walks of life, to find a completely blank industry basically impossible, in this situation, some owners blindly, copied others website data, even others website template also copied, the results obtained is of course not outside, ranking flat, finally closed.

in fact, this phenomenon is well understood, standing in the search engine’s point of view: for a new station, in the review period, the original web site content for the website the ranking performance is critical, because it will directly affect the search engine on the website of the score, it is proposed that the new station on the line three months before

try to do a good job in the preparation of the original high-quality articles, rather than no brain plagiarism website resources.

personally think that in this environment, we should try to transform existing industries to fine division, and strive to achieve specialization in the subdivision of the basis, for example, if you want to do a web site, at this time if you still do all walks of life, will eventually drown in the search engine, can not find the characteristics. Get lost, if you choose animal pictures or pictures to do beauty, the classification, this will let visitors eyes bright, but also deepen the impression of visitors, so as to enhance the probability of return.

second, adhere to the original high-quality professional content.

segmentation results is to make the site more distinct theme, the weight of the search engine will get a higher weight, we use the station category weights and a station of the competition, so we have the inherent advantages of the single novel website last year become fashionable for a time to explain the problem, many sites use an independent web site to do a single novel website, its ranking and flow surge speed makes an uproar. But after the Baidu algorithm update these sites are slowly disappearing, but through this event we can come to the conclusion:

one, fine site in the search engine eyes more popular;

second, fine site is more likely to get the user’s eye;

3, fine site easier to do professional.

with the above knowledge, we should spend a lot of time and energy on the user experience

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