Talk about how to quickly find 360 precise customer

introduction: some places have lakes, where we can promote the large flow of people. Well, this is the everlasting, in fact no matter what the promotion method is the most important among active users, accurate. Meet these conditions, can be carried out to promote drainage, and we do not need to master so much, you can play a fine on it!

today to talk about the latest 360 products, talk about. Do not know if we have not been exposed, there is no use?. Topic: recent 360 market share is very high, has become a dark horse, after 360 refused medical bidding, also have a good reputation, so it is time to do 360. About 360 Q & a promotion (this tomorrow).

first look at the home page

can see, this is the home page, in fact, somewhat similar to the video, then the pattern of live interaction. But extends to every keyword.

random search keywords, the keywords in the right side will pop up to chat, I asked several people, basically are attracted to this place, will give priority attention to this place, so we have to do is to promote local.

well, for this, I personally to say I can think of promotion methods and ways.

1, the most simple, is to leave a message, with the topic, and then the trumpet to reply to the topic, this way. Message guide to QQ, or title, etc..

2, analysis of the popular search words popular time, time, time in hot must occupy a place.

3, the right to show online friends, in fact, the number is really not much, a private chat advertising it, conditional can develop a software.

4, hair content, as much as possible brush praise, see if you can not build into the essence of

5, grab the pit lord. In fact, this is similar to what the post bar.

6, divergent, you take the topic to search 360, then talk about the topic can reply message here to guide! Is equivalent to the soft comments, if a good guide, the effect would not have said. Figure.

see, here will show the most recent period of recovery, and then from right to left has been drifting away. But I do not recommend the scraper, better bring the topic.

test, 8 characters or so search, will automatically jump out of a talk, the words will be based on the number of hot words to decide which is to talk about.

so the title of soft paper to optimize, and then get more of the number of soft Wen to do a good job of comments, and then go to the popular time to talk about occupation. Do not send a hard report, soft report is actually quite good.

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