Non Meng Baidu snapshot update four editor to promote a comprehensive attack two

today is August 24, the company is not responsible for the site as a snapshot or as before, a week with a regular update last week. Snapshot or stay in August 14, this is very tangled. So, the mystery of the Baidu snapshot it is not on the enterprise website update? Non Meng reference webmaster forum for a friend of Baidu snapshot observation, make the following analysis.

, Baidu snapshot update every day, basically the next day to update the site, general website weight is good, old station.

two, Baidu snapshot week update, that is, a week to update the site, the general is a new station in the assessment period, or the site is not filled with content or content quality is poor.

three, Baidu snapshot update, no, such a station search engine basically gave up, update once a month, that is the meaning of that.

it is clear that non Meng is at this stage. Enthusiastic friends searching, webmaster forums are wise remark of an experienced person. Your site snapshot is not updated, what would you do?

A said: 1 to speed up the update frequency of the site to increase the site outside the link.

B said: to find a few high quality sites do links.

C said: a few days ago my web server out of the question, consider the site for a space.

D said: to update the frequency of the forum, the blog inside the hair chain.

integrated above smart E said: I will A, B, C, D are done!

hey, the above example is to share the experience of predecessors, if I were the E, I put the comprehensive A, B, C, D, a few of them do have done, if for some reason or website snapshot not update. Do we want to break up? Do not give up? SEO? Oh, little joke. In fact, one of the biggest lessons to tell us is that SEO focuses on analysis. Not a problem, go to the people saying to follow the prescribed order according to the blind end, if not, you will feel right?.

non Meng, for enterprise website Baidu snapshot update made the following layout. Four edit, two promotion battle, full attack, Liyingwaihe, strive for Baidu snapshot update. Warm tips, want to know more non Meng Zhengzhou SEO search engine optimization marketing share, Baidu look at non Meng can.

station: four editors are responsible for all the enterprise website update.

During the

experiment, each editor required to complete the five core content of the core name of the article, in addition to the updated column channel of the 20. Total 25*4=100 articles

station: two to promote the specific division of labor

During the

experiment, a promotion is responsible for the current mainstream Q & a platform plus micro-blog platform update. To guide more traffic to the site

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