How to seize the people’s primary idea

  "knowledge explosion" and "information explosion" everyone said, have become hackneyed and stereotyped expressions. In such an era, marketing to attract the attention of the audience is not easy, especially on the internet. The Internet is a everyone can use the marketing media, everyone can publish their content on the Internet, and called for the commercial interests of their drum created equal, information environment for human "world Datong" hitherto unknown. In the past, a person wants to own a media, such as television, radio, newspapers, and what, not to mention the issue of policies and regulations, just one of the investment is no one dared to move the idea! Now, however, it is possible for everyone to do an online publication of electronic publications, and to build a media web site. The so-called "things in order to dilute", everyone can do the media, then the media is not worth the money.    

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