The ultimate soft Wen Raiders all soft

soft Wen we all know, is the text ads, the noun explained that I do not say here, there are Baidu. We will write soft text, but don’t you think that you write the soft Wen always hits rarely, or being seen at a glance out this is advertising? Today I would like to introduce some advanced knowledge about soft writing. This article is a summary of my internal training.

soft what form?

1, Raiders evaluation

introduction: such as you open the station network, home there is what most of the Raiders, like "teach you how to quickly improve the flow", "how do I make million" and so on, all these teach you what is the nature of the Raiders soft, are often written with a long standing angle. The article first introduces general methods and their results, write their own, finally will bring their own.

evaluation: This article is relatively small, generally refers to the official to the point of writing, such as a IDC evaluation, will write the space business strengths and weaknesses, and then give everyone a divided, generally highest is the need to promote the products, this kind of article is not suitable for personal webmaster.

, the 2 gun gun culture usually occur in what form? The gun is commonly to speculation and the emergence of the article will write some of the need to promote key words, but he generally do not have a clear position, view vague concept is confusion, his role is a little in order to make speculation keyword, the keyword from such a process.

3, the third party soft Wen what is the soft side of the third party, as the name suggests, is not to stand on any position on the analysis of a soft form. He usually in the article analysis the advantages and disadvantages, let a person see the last will feel one better than the other. Sometimes it will strike a blow, but in the party and the other party will also hit, but the intensity is not the same, for example: to promote A products, he will say that B products and A Nothing is right., is not how much better than B, but at least in some ways is much better.

4, regular soft Wen regularly published in the media or forum is a regular soft Wen, there will be a regular release frequency, improve the exposure rate. This kind of soft Wen is often in the same old stuff, put some outdated things out of the re release, for people still look very helpful.

I see what the article is soft Wen?

you can see almost all the forms are soft, news reports, hearsay, policies and regulations, focus, depth of investigation, assessment and so on all articles on the network can be soft, but the degree of the "soft" different, ha ha ~ a joke.

how to write a soft Wen?

my first secrecy, today first mentioned here, this is also a key period of the next period: the ultimate soft attack "

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