Ape bank was $40 million investment and Tencent and Tencent in the product level in-depth cooperatio


today, the ape tutoring company (the original ape exam, after referred to as the "ape tutoring company") revealed to krypton 36, they have received a $40 million investment in Tencent recently, and said this is by far the largest Tencent in the field of online education K12 a strategic investment. The company also received counseling ape IDG, Jingwei Chinese, New Horizon Capital and Chinese cultural industry fund many rounds of financing.

after the financing, Tencent will be in-depth cooperation in product level and ape counseling.

we have a detailed report of the ape counseling this product, ape counseling is for the K12 group of junior high school online tutoring school, the teacher can provide students with real-time online tutoring services.

The value of

as an online tutoring tool is to improve the effectiveness of counseling, to reduce the cost of Chinese families to allow their children to receive tutoring, as well as to make up for the inequality of teaching resources in different regions. According to the recently released Chinese Youth Research Center "China Compulsory Education City family education cost research" shows that the country city cram parents bear stage children after school costs an average annual expenditure of 3820 yuan, up 80 thousand yuan. But ape want counseling to solve this problem, through technological upgrading in fact, according to the data provided by the ape ape counseling, counseling on-line for a year, with the most expensive semester class system as an example, an average annual tuition of students counseling is not more than 1000 yuan, let the family burden in the extracurricular counseling reduced by 70%.

data, the ape coach said that the current platform has more than 1000 outstanding teachers nationwide, more than 150 thousand students a week to complete the course of learning and communication with teachers in the ape counseling platform. The company also a library of other products ape exam questions, as of now has accumulated more than 3 billion student answer. In addition, camera title search application search questions currently the number of users over the past year more than 85 million, up to 6 billion times the number of photo answering.

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