Google in front of a new round of search storm


Google went public news pull the speculators crazy nerves, former rivals caught it in business and technology on weak signs of pigtail infighting, which may affect the search in Google networks is the position of the king.    

analysts have predicted: Google, YAHOO, Microsoft will have a lasting promise between the tragic war. After the two companies are in their main business on the big cake engraved on the Internet search mark.

Google is also facing a giant, Chushengniudu their threat, they hope that they can copy the Google overnight success stories to the network from a cipher tycoon. Many of these companies are ready for a long war, with a handful of new technologies that are different from the Google model, which has gained the attention of analysts and investors.

such companies, the top of the Quigo and Industry Brains two companies, the latter goal is to improve the search engine advertising technology. Second army includes Mooter, Eurekster and Dipsie, they are committed to providing users with personalized search results, which is Google and YAHOO are trying to achieve the ideal. There are a number of companies that are developing domain specific, visual style search services.

, executive director of Alan, said: "the search engine market is a place where profits are increasing, and there will be a lot of companies that are not listed, and their annual market value is between $2 thousand and $100 million."

search engine will be profitable because the fragrant steamed bun, it can use to pay per click advertising model to make money, the company Overture services subsidiary of YAHOO first invented the advertising program. Search engine advertising is one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet marketing market. Last year, YAHOO’s revenue grew by 84%.

because of its value has been recognized, so search technology has become the focus of research and development of some giant companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, etc.. As a result, some analysts have predicted that Google in some areas of the search market to lose its dominance is only a matter of time.

The research company

Forrester, chief analyst Charlene Li believes that Google is not a balm for everyone. Recently, she predicted that Google will become the winner of the personal pay search market, and Microsoft is best suited to do the operating system level advanced search technology development.

money engine

so the idea reflects an attractive new hope of the industry, if the Google cannot become the search market, the new king, so, who wants to replace its pursuers will sit on the throne.

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