How to promote the site is conducive to the rapid collection of search engines

to establish a new website, how to promote the site is the most concerned about the issue of the webmaster. Then, in the search engine for the king today, if you do not care about the search engine you just do not care about the website promotion, if you do not pay attention to the search engine, that you do not know the network promotion. So, how to promote the site is more conducive to the rapid search engine included? Here to push the network studio site ( as an example, to share with you.

in August 3, 2009 to push the network studio formally launched, did not add any content;

began in August 4, 2009, add a few articles a day, until August 16th, only to enrich the home page, and only a small part of their original articles;

-7 August 4, 2009 are as follows: 1, simple website promotion in Baidu stick website image links; 2, the forum issued a text, and the keywords do site orientation; 3, for a PR value for 4 sites (not related) external links. Query included: Baidu only 4 days in August 7th successfully included a new website to push the network studio.

in order to let other search engines as soon as possible, from August 7-12 began to write two original articles, published in their own blog, webmaster website, BBS and so on, and the key words to do the chain. Query included:

Google search engine in August 10th successfully included a new website, time for 8 days, in August 12th Google depth of the new site included. Yahoo, search success in August 12th included in the website, and contains a number of web pages.

practice has proved that the establishment of the new site within 10 days after being included in the major search engines is not difficult. The new line on the website, you can not understand any website source code, you can not spend any effort to optimize the website, you also need not bother to save all write original articles, you only need to do some simple network promotion, search engine will also love you.

of course, the search engine included does not mean that you know how to effectively promote the network. How can you keep your site in the forefront of the search engine how to make it easier for your potential customers to find you?.

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