The actual share Reflections on the initial micro marketing

today is to share with me a new operation project recently, this is not my full-time project is a project to help my dad to sell duck to sell products through WeChat, Taobao, Taobao, in fact, just a show, the key is to carry out publicity through WeChat Dian Dian QQ micro-blog, Taobao will lead to customers orders, not online shopping friends can directly through WeChat orders, online payment. After 20 days of trying to get a little effect, and today we share a.

first and we talk about my QQ number, WeChat and micro-blog on the QQ friends, about 1000 friends, more than and 10 QQ group, such as students, fellow group, industry group exchanges, many of which are high active groups, one is my own construction group, there are close to more than and 600 friends, these friends are directed to me, so I speak on the inside of the "prestige" many. QQ friends, including the first high school students accounted for 10% of the college students, colleagues and colleagues of the 5%: 20%, fellow friends of the customer, the customer is about 30%, accounting for about 25%;

There are 2408 fans on the micro-blog

, and QQ’s friend overlap number less than 10%, most of them are business friends and new friends, there are many zombie fans, every day there will be a lot of fans pay attention to me, really effective fans should not be more than 800, the city in micro-blog’s friend the majority of villagers number less than


and WeChat friends reached more than 500 friends, but also by friends, customers, friends and fellow strange, in fact QQ and friends of friends have a lot of overlap, some friends are mobile phone mail list of friends, these friends are often linked to non QQ friends. The three platforms are different people, a lot of QQ space on the grass root is young, WeChat most of the love life of young white-collar workers, and micro-blog experts who need more work or personnel, now the little friend, hardly, just hit the soy sauce, do not speak.

statistics and analysis of the QQ, WeChat and micro-blog crowd, we have to use different marketing strategies, different ways of propaganda, to guide them to pay attention to and buy, to achieve a real deal.

a good preparation work

I sell the specialty, the local specialty is sold, so it must be packaged, a good thing how to make people pay attention to and have the desire to buy, packaging is very important.

1, the story tells us: the way a lot of people do not understand, my duck did not know of Spain, for my brand has not heard. So I’m going to duck, duck, brand culture, brand knowledge origin stories were collected, tell you, plain by way of telling the story, let us have a systematic and comprehensive understanding and understanding. We all like to listen to the story, which is why the tongue on the Chinese why so fire. What’s the story about


2: refining product features: how sudden >

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