A5 marketing how to do a single commodity network marketing

when the enterprise limited funds, to develop a variety of products for sale, the accumulation of a large number of the same product line sales limited, warehouse, want to achieve through the network explosion increase cash flow, affiliated enterprises more, brands and products at the same time participating in the network marketing competition when there is a certain degree of difficulty, via the Internet, elements of refined products with the planning package, to find a good sales platform, to achieve a single product explosion fast selling target. There are many methods to do network marketing a single product, the following three methods for optimal thought.


1, not through e-commerce platform for direct sales

single product in all kinds of B2C, C2C, group purchase platform sales, but hard advertising, through the traditional Internet soft network marketing means to attract consumers to click, direct links to the product sales page, through detailed and comprehensive display, attract consumer sales.

in determining the target audience, both in the portal site to expand the scope of publicity, but also in the industry website to ensure accurate delivery of information. Hard advertising is not the only means to cope with soft, web site, forums, marketing and other methods to expand the communication efforts, with keywords search, in order to achieve the best results.

on the portal network media coverage, advertising damage is extremely strong, put in the mainstream network media and industry website, can guarantee the consumer information arrival rate, to achieve accurate advertising. However, the higher the cost of publicity in this way, if the lack of brand influence, product profit is not high, it is difficult to achieve large-scale sales, market risk.

this model is mainly used in the volume of goods or services, price, inspection and other market characteristics, the sale of independent sites, sales will not be very high commodity. The enterprise or the commodity brand influence is bigger, has the mature and the coverage wide traditional marketing channel, may rely on the line the channel to solve customer’s market demand.

2, only an exclusive cooperation with an electronic mall

new brand of a product, in order to save costs, the cost of marketing planning publicity, the enterprise only authorized sales and an electronic mall, the e-commerce website is fully responsible for the single product packaging planning, publicity, promotion and sales, equivalent to the electronic commerce website will become the network brand agents.

companies can save the packaging, planning and marketing of trouble, saving planning and publicity costs, all to the operation of cooperative electronic mall. But if there is a variety of goods in the mall, it is difficult to ask the mall to provide the largest resources only packaging companies unique products. The autonomy of the enterprise is poor, and the market risk is unstable. If the cooperation of electronic mall support, strength, marketing experience, lack of sales, will affect the sales of the product.

this model is mainly used to do not have the marketing ability and the ability to plan and promote the production or operation type >

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