Actual combat! Taobao customers 30 days to collect 6000 precision list to build their own database

recently discovered a lot of A5 on the practice of QQlist, which is a large part of the batch in 2012 to play up.


heard that someone made millions of list, list can be said by fortune, but this practice has now completely lost it, the reason is the Tencent blocked this method. Only in the user’s native IP subscription address can show success, so that the invitation to do a lot of QQlist era has passed.

but for some "precision Master", they never batch to invite users, because it leads to inaccurate data affect the conversion rate, the above method is not particularly helpful to the accurate flow for



a month to collect data (open rate is a sense of trust)

according to the general situation, if you have seven times, at a rate of thirty percent every time you open, the user experience is good, it should be noted that the real time is open today, today opened rate would have so many, only in this way the user viscosity, your marketing can be more effective, because of you a group of trusted idiotic powder. Every email you have is of great value to the user (not worth it).

Taobao off for the individual, generally do full-time play free traffic a day to collect 200+ list is actually not difficult, as long as you are willing to do, to find the method after 200+ day is more than sufficient, but accurate subscribers may not be so easy.

collection of QQlist notes:

1 if you want to do, just don’t cheat your customers, do Wangzhuan is the most difficult to establish a sense of trust, not because of a little bit of money to let your customers lose trust in you, it will only make you earn much money late N


2 user is "pet", your pet likes you to play with him every day, and every day to chat with him every day and he….

The establishment of

3 trust, the even do better, trust can only stay in the stage of cognition, it is difficult to reach the full trust stage, we have to do is to let users into our "idiotic powder" now here, you only need to provide a little overwhelming free value".

can’t resist the free value:

In fact,

is the user see the things you give will do everything possible to want to get something! If you can let the user, then you can say pretty good gifts.

there must be a prominent point is free, free stuff is always so attractive, so together with the precondition of tens of millions, irresistible! Want users to see such a very attractive gifts and is free, how will they like


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