A brief discussion on how to strengthen the network marketing by Page (Landing)

in the webmaster forum often see some birds said to the LP page, LP is the abbreviation of Page Landing, also known as the login page, it can be any a flow of single page advertisement, the purpose is to strengthen the network marketing.

The traditional

LP page and Email marketing, use of electronic mail friends have received spam mail experience, there is a beautiful page, the message itself is the purpose of marketing. Now the LP page and search engines, pay traffic, and so on, in order to achieve the effect of advertising to make a single page, so that it is displayed in the search engine and paid advertising.

LP page to achieve the function as follows: let visitors click jump to other pages; let visitors download software, the purchase of goods; let visitors to allow businesses to follow up investigation, such as e-mail and telephone, usually consisting of a registration process; through word-of-mouth marketing, let visitors recommend to his friends; let visitors leave feedback information.

Landing Page is very beneficial for you to promote the products, very simple and beautiful LP page is easy to receive visitors, provide information to customers through highly relevant comments and praise of the single page advertisement, let the customer think this is the required products, determined to buy, thus greatly improve the rate of return on investment.


you search in the search engine, the first page is duba.net, the page is very refreshing, you will first see a big red button that reads "Free Download for 90 days", the bottom of the page is 10 times through the VB100 international certification authority, the international authority AV-C and buy gold and so on the speed test the Kingsoft Corp is praise as antivirus software LP page.

open the ifeng.com home page, click the registration button, pop up is a registration page. This page is clear to inform visitors only 3 steps to complete, fill in the registration information, improve personal information, registration completed. This is the Phoenix to improve user registration of the production of LP pages.

to achieve the goal of making a Wangzhuan, large website can make money, but the person is difficult to complete, Landing Page is more suitable for enterprise personal webmaster. Production LP need to pay attention to:

precise matching products and Landing Page title, while taking into account the keyword search engine in the amount of search. Let more visitors know that they have found the information they need. Make a clear call to action, is the use of graphic buttons to tell your visitors steps, short call to action 1-2, the Kingsoft a download button. For a long length of 3-5, the above Phoenix registration page contains 3 registration guide.

Use the second person as far as possible in the

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