Local community forum to share online and offline promotion program

local community website is due to service in place, a fixed group of users, so the promotion method with other type of website is not nearly the same, the website promotion methods is not an online promotion, the promotion of line is also very important. Under the promotion of the line is more likely to allow the community to find a sense of belonging and sense of honor. The following share of these two ways to promote the experience.

a, online promotion

1, hype promotion

most of the life of the community website is short, a community site if there is no news for a long time, we may guess that this site is not enough. In addition to the hype to improve the site’s visit, the other is to tell you that my site is still alive.

speculation in various forms of can spread some shocking news out of thin air, can boast themselves, to curry favour by claptrap.

2, mail promotion

mail promotion is a point to point promotion, both save money and effort, for the forum community is a good way to promote. Mail promotion is not so simple to send spam, but to carefully edit the contents of the message, the good things to each other. Specific reference to a few elements:

, collect the relevant user’s mailbox. Including their community website mailbox, competitors user mailbox, name card or the yellow pages of the mailbox, the mailbox on the information platform.

, the preparation of create new styles of message content. Do not let the user know that you are in the mass mail, such as using some of the statements, can cause the user’s attention.

, select the appropriate mailbox and send. Do not let the mail into the trash, attention should be paid to control the frequency of sending mail, but also the need for frequent replacement of IP, the content should also pay attention to avoid advertising.

3, forum post promotion

speaking forums, is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way of promotion, but most people posted in the forum, not to be deleted is banned, basically made useless. So we have to do a good job in the preparation of the post, and pay attention to a number of post skills:

, collection forum. Search engines can be used to search or site navigation.

II, to the relevant forum registration ID. To register several Ma3 jia3, easy campaign, top stick etc..

, the intention to write dozens of soft content to promote.

The number of post

, control of each forum, and record, every time to go to the top of the vest.

two, offline promotion

1, the production of printed web site LOGO products. Such as hats, T-Shirts, etc., can be sent to members of the site free of charge, you can also charge a certain fee, you can earn a sum of money. >

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