nsight into search engine marketing and social media marketing who is more suitable for corporate m

With the great development of customer marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing has increasingly become the focus of customer focused marketing (

). So who is the most effective? We separately from the purpose of consumption, enhance brand awareness, localization of business services, interactive public relations to the four aspects of PK.

consumption purposes

it should be said that for the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, business owners to consider more immediate profit creation. Through the survey of 500 e-commerce companies do marketing experts found that the search engine is more effective. From the pie chart can also be seen for the B2B business enterprise, search engine marketing is still the most direct and effective social media, and the proportion is very small, perhaps as a click on the ads, advertising business face recognition B2B consumers have stronger ability, so click on the ads only occupy a smaller share. As the key words of the website construction industry practice, real customers often come from soso, or 360 search. Such users are often referred to as "white" users, the more you do not understand the search engine or browser visitors tend to be more real customers. As for the B2C business, social media also has some advantages in the consumer’s purpose.

enhance brand awareness

exposure from the point of view, some viral marketing cases we can see, through social media, event propagation is presented in matrix spread, and the search engine is more point-to-point communication, social media has the advantage of higher exposure.

flow from the angle of social media, as long as there is sufficient amount of fans is very easy to introduce some traffic, but obviously not including the introduction of the consumption flow, more to develop user consumption demand point to this part of the flow. The flow of traffic from the search engine, especially when the long tail effect of the time to play, the flow of the search often has a strong purpose of consumption.

tracking and search engine in the subscription, visitors are almost impossible to track them, for user tracking in brand building, is also an important aspect. In this aspect, social networks can not only track the user, and can allow consumers to understand the latest the product and dynamic, it is the victory of social media search engine.

localized business services

for a number of localized business services, and then take the site construction, the user to find such a certain number of localized properties of the service, the basic or from the search engine. Hotels, restaurants, bars, too. When you don’t need to stay in the hotel, very few people will take the initiative to understand some information about the hotel. This can be linked to the purpose of consumption, the stronger the purpose of consumption, and the localization of the product is very heavy and service time, the search engine has been developed in this regard, the user needs. Of course, some services such as hotels, air tickets and some from

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