A man in Xuzhou WeChat circle of friends rumors arrested

Nanjing, August (reporter Chen Gang) reporter learned from the police in Jiangsu, the city, a man in the WeChat circle of friends spread rumors disrupt public order, 8, was held in administrative detention on.

"three violent terrorist portable dynamite! Was killed on the spot 7, SWAT!" reflects a rumor police killed three violent terrorist elements in Xuzhou mining hospitals entrance through WeChat, police check this rumor, a man will spread rumors arrested in the evening.

Xuzhou Public Security Bureau Yunlong ovary station director Xu Guofei introduction, 7 pm 5, received a report from the masses, there is a person within its jurisdiction to spread this rumor in the WeChat "circle of friends", and with pictures. Then the police in the vicinity of a cold north gate will spread rumors Chen captured men. Chen said WeChat is forwarded from a friend.

Xuzhou police said that the incident, Chen did not comply with the relevant laws and regulations, casual spread rumors, the current public order due to the fact that the fictional public administrative detention, the case is under further investigation.

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