The company was able to raise $60 million pages See how Truecaller plays

Internet era big old telephone had not looked like a thin, thick dense record of each unit, enterprise organization contact, many people hope in the traditional yellow pages, with the help of network technology to take the telephone number do not quite the same thing. And one from Sweden’s call center company Truecaller practices in many players are simple and rough and bold.


to become the "yellow Google" the Swedish company recently won $60 million C round of investment, investment for the Atomico, KPCB, Sequoia, Capital and other institutions. And in February of this year, Truecaller in its B round of financing obtained by Sequoia Capital Investment of $18 million 800 thousand.

was founded in 2009 as a call center company, Truecaller focuses on the phone number, the use of the Internet, the traditional phone book conversion into a global Crowdsourcing pages, to help users identify the strange calls, while establishing a telephone directory, call for users to provide more information on the. A few years later, the total number of entries in the Truecaller database has more than 1 billion; and the user growth rate is also quite remarkable, at the end of 2012 when only 2 million people in 2013, but has risen to 20 million people, up to now, the amount of Truecaller users is to reach 85 million people.

how does it work?

Foundation: powerful number library

is a big number, as far as possible the comprehensive coverage is an important guarantee for high quality user experience. At present, many enterprises, businesses and institutions from the Yellow Pages applications include contact parts, which the user for a specific service, to meet the demand, to a certain extent help. And Truecaller is bold to put personal numbers also included in the entry.

The enterprise

Truecaller number merchant number source library follow the traditional path — and the world through the White / yellow pages web hosting companies to obtain user information. In terms of personal numbers, it is through the network crawler and community users to raise the way to collect the corresponding contact phone contact. When the application is registered, users need to submit their contact information. In addition, he will be on the premise of the user’s consent to the user’s mobile phone address book content crawl, in order to build a huge phone number database. Therefore, whether or not the phone number on the user’s contact list, Truecaller can identify the caller identity for the user to help avoid harassing phone calls.

Truecaller Crowdsourcing to raise the public’s characteristics reflected in the collection in addition to the number of users is also reflected in the number for a judge: where users can report they received harassment, fraud numbers, so that other users to answer.

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