Baidu alliance push buy cooperation to provide pages, channel promotion

July 21st news the day before, Baidu Baidu launched the "group purchase group purchase alliance cooperation plan, alliance members through cooperation application, share cooperation into income brought by group purchase.


it is understood that the group is to buy a joint Baidu Baidu alliance to buy, for members of the Alliance launched a recommendation for the group to buy products. But the alliance members need to apply to join, after joining in the website, blog, micro-blog and other media platforms to buy product promotion. When the users of the above media to buy a successful purchase of goods, members can get cooperation into revenue sharing.

at present, Baidu buy cooperation to promote the promotion of the page and channel to promote the two forms of products. Members can be combined through the form of a separate page Baidu group to promote the product; or buy cooperation for the alliance to provide cooperation with the media code.


cooperation group purchase website information display, group purchase alliance member just fill in the registration form and group purchase media description at the time of application; without opening group purchase and cooperation of the members can apply through the access code to. (end)

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